Saturday, February 25, 2012

Well hello there, come here often?

When the lovely and charming ladyfirefly told me of her plans to start her own tv blog, I knew I had to participate. She and I have always been two peas in a pod when it came to our television shows. I, like she is, am slightly....obsessed? That sounds harsh. Let's go with enthusiastic instead. Much nicer, less stalkertastic.

ANYWAYS, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Maudie and tv shows are my blessing and my curse. I get emotionally involved and simply have to discuss everything television or I may actually die. What can I say? It's a compulsion. So needless to say, when ladyfirefly asked me to contribute to her new blog, how could I say no?

My review style is a little different from our fearless leader's. I don't do liveblogs, I'm much more of a watch, think, and criticize person. My reviews will focus on theories and plot discussion, as well as sassy summations of story lines (you can never go wrong with alliteration), and will generally be posted the day after the show airs.

I'll be doing joint discussion with the lovely ladyfirefly on The Voice and, the obsession to end all obsessions, Gossip Girl. Those should be....interesting. I'll be contributing the following show discussions all on my lonesome:
  • Fringe
  • The River
  • Nikita
  • Supernatural
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • White Collar
  • Lost Girl
  • Face Off
  • Merlin
  • Spartacus: Vengeance
  • Downton Abbey
  • Dexter

I am so thrilled to be a part of this!! See you on the flip side kiddies.

You know you love me,


General Housekeeping

Okay so the way it will work (because the last few posts are my experiments of sorts for the most part). My hour long shows will be broken up into either 15-20 minute increments, or split up by seperate story lines depending on which suits the show best.  The half hour shows will be split into two, or possible if it has one streamline story one long blog. I'll reserve a sentence or two at the end to rate it or decide whether it is: I Expect More, Okay, Great, and  I CANNOT EVEN.

Here is an updated list of the shows I will be reviewing and those with the * by them will more than likely be live blogged.

Once Upon a Time *
Leverage *
GCB (When it begins airing)

How I Met Your Mother *
The Voice (I will be splitting this with my lovely collaborator)
Castle (May have guest blogger from time to time)*
Smash (Sometimes)

New Girl*
Raising Hope

Happy Endings
Revenge * (Splitting this with my lovely collaborator)
Psych *

The Big Bang Theory *

 I Will dedicate this night to my Baby Come Back shows that have been taken off the air, and I still mourn for them:
Legend of the Seeker
Pushing Daisies

Doctor Who *

And on Thursdays, I'll be holding give-aways for followers of the blog.  You must comment in order to participate and I will literally pull a name out of a hat! They may start out small, but when a good amount off people start following I'll start with Adsense and the more we earn the more you win!

Stay Shiny,
Lady Firefly

Psych- Indiana Shawn and the Temple of Kinda, Crappy Rusty Old Dagger

Okay so On-Demand has ever so sweetly put up the newest episode of Psych before it airs! So this will be a live blog and as always I will keep the spoilers of the episode under the cut!

Wanna be MC Clap Yo Hands,
Lady Firefly

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Girl - Bully

LOVE THIS NEW SHOW. I'm so glad this is up! Review contains spoilers under the cut.

I like being weird and taking things slow a la Jess,
Lady Firefly

Monday, February 20, 2012

No liveblogs tonight!  I'll be out this evening instead of typing away on my couch. But expect some reaction/review blogs tomorrow as well as some live blogs from New Girl and Raising Hope.

Stay Excellent,
Lady Firefly

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tomorrow's Docket

All righty then so here's what's on the docket for tomorrow and what will be live blogged. (Everything is PST)

  1. How I Met Your Mother 7:30 pm (Liveblog)
  2. The Voice (Reaction blog) 8:00
  3. Castle (Possible guest live blogger) 10:00
  4. Gossip Girl (Liveblog?) 8:00
  5. Hawaii Five-0 (Reactioin blog) 10:00
I'll try my best to live blog, but more than likely I could get sidetracked depending on what my schedule looks like tomorrow/how tired I'll be after work.

Lady Firefly

Live blog - Once Upon a Time (UOAT) : What Happened to Frederick

I will try very hard to make sure I keep spoilers under the cut.

Firefly - Out of Gas (introduction to my blog cont.)

So I'm about 10 minutes into Out of Gas, on the Firefly Box Set Blu-Ray. I'd almost forgotten just how much I love this episode. I adore episodes where we play a little "How I Met Everyone Else." While there is the present story where we deal with a very dire situation and we are uncertain as to what will happen to this crew we have grown to love so much, we get underlying stories through Mal's memory of how everyone ends up on the boat (minus the characters that we meet during the two part series openner). You end up cringing, laughing crying and screaming all in the course of one 45 minute long episode. And that was the beauty of Firefly. the show had so much in the story, backstory and heart of each character, and I'm always saddened to know that I won't ever get to know more about these extensive characters, because they were pulled from the air.

As I go through other episodes I promise that these blogs will contain more information and more liveblogging, but for now I'm just going to break you into, my own personal tv viewing world.  I'll include some FF (fun facts) about some episodes, or my own theories, which I will try to keep under a cut so that I don't spoil things for people. I understand. As for now I'll be signing off, but I will try to return to liveblog Once Upon a Time tonight at I believe 8PM PST.

Stay shiny,
Lady Firefly

Friday, February 17, 2012

Just the Beginning

Okay so I sort of decided to start this on a whim, but this is going to be my TV review/reactions blog. Just to start I'll list the shows I watch and will most likely blog about here. It may end of being a working list, since so many new shows are just popping up! (They are in no particular order and the list does include shows that have been cancelled/ended)

  • Firefly (off the air, these will mostly be posts from when I watch my blu-ray)
  • Leverage
  • Psych
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Doctor Who
  • Castle
  • Game of Thrones
  • Legend of the Seeker (These will be while I re-watch via Netflix)
  • New Girl
  • Raising Hope
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Gossip Girl
  • The Sing Off
  • The Voice
  • Smash
  • Suburgatory
  • Happy Endings
  • Revenge
  • Chuck (Baby come back)
  • Pushing Daisies (DVD) 
  • My Boys (Will be watched via DVD)
More than likely every other day I will be blogging about the shows I watch. For certain shows I will liveblog and for people not watching at the same time I write under a cut marked "Warning Spoiler Alert"