Saturday, February 25, 2012

General Housekeeping

Okay so the way it will work (because the last few posts are my experiments of sorts for the most part). My hour long shows will be broken up into either 15-20 minute increments, or split up by seperate story lines depending on which suits the show best.  The half hour shows will be split into two, or possible if it has one streamline story one long blog. I'll reserve a sentence or two at the end to rate it or decide whether it is: I Expect More, Okay, Great, and  I CANNOT EVEN.

Here is an updated list of the shows I will be reviewing and those with the * by them will more than likely be live blogged.

Once Upon a Time *
Leverage *
GCB (When it begins airing)

How I Met Your Mother *
The Voice (I will be splitting this with my lovely collaborator)
Castle (May have guest blogger from time to time)*
Smash (Sometimes)

New Girl*
Raising Hope

Happy Endings
Revenge * (Splitting this with my lovely collaborator)
Psych *

The Big Bang Theory *

 I Will dedicate this night to my Baby Come Back shows that have been taken off the air, and I still mourn for them:
Legend of the Seeker
Pushing Daisies

Doctor Who *

And on Thursdays, I'll be holding give-aways for followers of the blog.  You must comment in order to participate and I will literally pull a name out of a hat! They may start out small, but when a good amount off people start following I'll start with Adsense and the more we earn the more you win!

Stay Shiny,
Lady Firefly

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