Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Girl - Bully

LOVE THIS NEW SHOW. I'm so glad this is up! Review contains spoilers under the cut.

I like being weird and taking things slow a la Jess,
Lady Firefly

Schmidt & Cece:
 Schmidt and Cece! Oh my lanta! What is up with the world. Also how did I not notice that they are the two most fit people on the show. Wow. I'm not gonna lie, I really love Schmidt, even though he has to pay the douchebag jar, I like the see him the way Jess does. He's a generally good person who stands beside his friends, but he sometimes gets a little d-baggy.

 I really think Cece is really starting to like Schmidt. It's hella funny! I want to see where they take this. It is a little bit like Monica and Chandler, except you gotta add a ton of awkward and shame.

  Poor Schmidt-y you're like a dog. Stuck inside that car.

 Man I kind of want this ship to happen. I enjoy it. Hardcore

Jess, Winston & the Bully:
 That little girl is a little shiznit. I stand by the opinion that middle schoolers are made of evil. Seriously they are mean spirited and immature and hormonal-y driven. How dare you pull that on Jess. She's just trying to be a nice person. Also I can't stand when people bully that way, but then again I firmly believe in karma, and I want to see how it will play out in the episode and how Jess and Winston will respond.

 I love Winston. You are just so great. I love you. So hard. I know she is a child, but damn if i don't agree with him. Also her principal is just effing hilarious. You go Jess Co-Co you go!

Nick & Julia:
Sad how do you break a cactus. Oh and boo how are you sending her all these messages on her voicemail crazy. Nick baby you is a crazy person. Poor boo, where are we going with your story honey? And man Jess is so sweet I love their relationship.

these roommates are the greatest people.

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