Thursday, February 23, 2012

HIMYM - No Pressure

Spoilers under the cut. I promise.

A Ladies Agreement, Huzzah!
Lady Firefly

I was screaming at my TV during this episode! I began with my previous angry "TED WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I am glad that they are putting that to rest. While I adored season 2 and having Ted and Robin as a couple, I wish they would either give Ted a new love interest, or move the story along to Barney's wedding and giving as a little more information as to who the mother is or who she could be, because I gotta tell you my theories are running on empty. I thought the bets between Lily and Marshall were pretty funny, if only because I think I would do the same thing. I really love the flashes forward to when they have the baby. I want to see the adorable-ness that is an Aldrin-Erickson baby. so excited!

I really liked (even though I screamed noooooo why can't we meet her?!!?) the ending with all the yellow umbrellas. Very clever.

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