Sunday, February 19, 2012

Live blog - Once Upon a Time (UOAT) : What Happened to Frederick

I will try very hard to make sure I keep spoilers under the cut.

I am so excited for this episode! I love that they are able to bring to life so many different fairy tale stories, while at the same time putting their own spin on it! Bravo writers! This will mostly be about reactions to things taking place so steel yourselves for some serious fangirling!

  • Katherine getting into law school - way to make an out for this character! This is his chance to make a clean break and start over again. He really needs to man up and just say goodbye to this loveless marriage. 
  • Abigail: I just may end up liking her, but it depends on how they spin her character. It takes a while for me to really decide on a character who is quite secondary.
  • David, baby you are still really bugging me about the way that you are going about this.  You need to stop this "I'm not sure crap" if you choose Mary Margaret then own up homie! You really need to be honest with your WIFE, AND FAIRYTALE WIFE! What good is keeping this secret and risking breaking her in a way that is nearly irreperable. I mean no one deserves to be strung along the way he's stringing Katherine along, especially since so far there is no reason for me to dislike her fully. I want so much to support Mary Margaret and David and getting their happy ending but I don't like that it has to be something that seems sketchy.
  • The Mysterious Stranger: We have a name - August W. Boothe, I don't believe that is his real name, but he seems to be able to fool Emma even though she can tell when someone is lying to her.
  • I absolutely adore the mother daughter talks, that they don't even know how adorable they are being.

  • Abigail, darling. You poor sweet girl, she lost her love because of an accident. OMG is this how they are introducing the little mermaid.
  • James! can you give your Storybrooke counterpart some of your cajones? pleaseandthankyou.
  • Is the stranger Frederick? Or is he the original writer of Once Upon a Time? WHO ARE YOU!?
  • Oh Regina, you is a crazy B. I don't even know with you sometimes, you are evil and conniving and a part of me kind of finds you intriguing.
  • This friendship straight up weirds me out, Regina/Katherine. Good lord, that's how you reveal to her, at least have the girl sit down. She wanted this to happen, and that is f-d up. I do feel for Katherine, that really sucks. Oh man you go Katherine run baby and don't go into cavorts with the evil queen. 
  • Oh no, Mary Margaret sweetheart, this is not gonna end well for you just yet. Oh my lanta, I don't blame Katherine. Oh oh. I don't know what to do with all this. Why is David not like James? Thoughts?
  • LADY IN THE LAKE? WHAT EVEN ARE YOU? You gorgeous creature you! Maybe you aren't the little mermaid. Maybe she's Ursula? 
  • The Stranger: Why were you dipping pages in water, what are you doing to the book? WHO ARE YOU?
  • Emma, girl what are you doing?  lol the watering hole. goodness gracious what even is happening. oooo a wishing well, this could get super interesting. 
  • This is a small town everyone knows your business Mary Margaret, sweetie.
  • Ah she's a siren, what is happening, James is far more enjoyable than David at this point. Don't give in honey don't do it! Oh boo she gotcha. Stop kissing her, this is bad news bears. Good boy James, but you is in some deep doo doo.
  • Yeah David you better wash her damn car. You need to get your business together. Both of you, because this is not working out so great for y'all. 
  • Oh lord the tears. SO MANY FEELINGS. I feel bad for them, but at the same time the sneaking around brought this on, and they could have avoided all this if they had just been honest.
  • Emma, the book, The Stranger: oh my lanta what is happening?
  • Katherine don't fall into her trap. No she is lying to you Katherine, Regina is only in this for her own benefit. She is a lying dirty rotten ruiner. Come on Katherine, good girl I am so happy for you! You do that sweetheart! I really want her to find her Frederick in this world. She seems like a good girl.
  • I think Katherine will be able to leave since Emma has returned not all of the rules apply anymore, so hopefully this makes it so that people will be able to come and go as they please. 
  • Oh what is Regina planning. I hope this works for her. 
  • I'm so excited for her! Katherine your love is the coach, Abigail found him thanks to James. Please let this happen in Storybrooke. 
  • I'm really starting to love Abigail/Katherine.  Regina is just a horrendous person. 
  • Oh strange man who are you and are you friend or foe?
  • Oh James, honey. 
  • Mother/Daughter bonding: Poor Mary Margaret, its ok. cuddle up with your daughter, hopefully it will help soothe the pain. 
  • Oh my goodness Frederick! Please get your happy ending with Katherine! Don't let the evil queen wreck it.


Hope you get your happily ever afters this week,
Lady Firefly

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