Sunday, February 19, 2012

Firefly - Out of Gas (introduction to my blog cont.)

So I'm about 10 minutes into Out of Gas, on the Firefly Box Set Blu-Ray. I'd almost forgotten just how much I love this episode. I adore episodes where we play a little "How I Met Everyone Else." While there is the present story where we deal with a very dire situation and we are uncertain as to what will happen to this crew we have grown to love so much, we get underlying stories through Mal's memory of how everyone ends up on the boat (minus the characters that we meet during the two part series openner). You end up cringing, laughing crying and screaming all in the course of one 45 minute long episode. And that was the beauty of Firefly. the show had so much in the story, backstory and heart of each character, and I'm always saddened to know that I won't ever get to know more about these extensive characters, because they were pulled from the air.

As I go through other episodes I promise that these blogs will contain more information and more liveblogging, but for now I'm just going to break you into, my own personal tv viewing world.  I'll include some FF (fun facts) about some episodes, or my own theories, which I will try to keep under a cut so that I don't spoil things for people. I understand. As for now I'll be signing off, but I will try to return to liveblog Once Upon a Time tonight at I believe 8PM PST.

Stay shiny,
Lady Firefly

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