Saturday, February 25, 2012

Psych- Indiana Shawn and the Temple of Kinda, Crappy Rusty Old Dagger

Okay so On-Demand has ever so sweetly put up the newest episode of Psych before it airs! So this will be a live blog and as always I will keep the spoilers of the episode under the cut!

Wanna be MC Clap Yo Hands,
Lady Firefly

Excited that Psych is back!!

First 15 min:

AHH the guy from the OG Indiana Jones as the curator of the museum! Also he's Gimli from LoTR and I will be on the edge of my seat to see if they make even the smallest LoTR reference!! I love when they have to work on art related cases, because that means that we get to see Despereaux again! I'm super stoked! I love me some Cary Elwes! Two characters from two of my favorite movie franchises, The Princess Bride and Lord of The Rings! Also don't think I won't mention that ring! The ring that Gus found in Shawn's DS, IT'S HIS GRANDMOTHER'S RING!? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!  He is so gonna marry Jules and I'm going to fangirl so hard. You don't understand the first 2 minutes I could not even. I just couldn't. Okay back to what is happening at present, they have teamed up with Deveraux to track down the stolen items, and they found the woman, Shawn "saved" from the muggers is actually a thief.  I love Lassie, he's like the greatest. He's so sarcastic and cynical. Gus! "oh -o-o- I of course I have a Playa Phone!" a Playa phone. I love you .

Next 15 min:

BOAT CHASE! I love it, I just enjoy all the banter between Shawn and Gus, the way they argue is so very "odd couple" but at the same time they make so much sense as a team.  Just chillen in that boat trying to get it to work because they ended up in the wrong boat. I don't think that Despereaux is at all dead, I think he was working in cahoots with that woman Jaqueline. Or they showed that he was aware of the fuel line, so he was able to jump into the water in order to help the guys maybe. It is hard to figure out the story behind Despereaux and I think that Shawn knows that he's alive. Woody! I love that for some reason most of the ME's of any crime show, a little off putting and weird, but I love it. Atta boy Shawn! He's figured out what is basically happening.  Oh my poor Shawn! He's so sad, my poor boo. it's okay sweetie, I really believe that Despereaux is alive. Who is this biotch!? I'm trying to figure out what she's from.  Jules was a little jelly when she saw that girl too close to Shawn. Gus has the greatest lines, "I will slug you in the face cartilage" Shawn, "That hurts like the Dickens!" Oh man they are so awesome! They had their own little slap fight. What even is happening here?

Last 15-20 min:

The core collection! What the hell is going on!? "I'm not clothed in many of these." Shawn! Really? LOL. Makes me wonder if the curator is involved at all. The super sniffer that is Gus! That's Cheetos.
the lady with the crop is a little cray cray! That is the coolest key ever! I'm so excited. what are they going to find!? Haha, "Levers, why did it have to be levers." Very nice homage to Indiana Jones! Ohmg! Yay I knew he was alive!! "Oh nvm! You're so fricken awesome!" I love that he was so happy to see him. "I have a guy." Oh man I love this. It is so awesome, and I cannot even! "it's a genie!" "Gus don't be ridiculous genies come in lamps." I'm pretty sure that what he's doing is against the law. They found the old man's paintings. LoL! They have autotuned previews for them coming back. I'm so glad Psych is back, and I love it. This relationship that Shawn has with Despereaux is awesome.

Oh that episode is so amazing. I love it so much! Ok so they say that on Weds. when the show is really going to air, it is supposed to be a supersized episode, so I think we may be getting even more on the day of so stay tuned!

Fist bump,
Lady Firefly

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